January is closing and I have some happy updates on QueryC++ 4.0, that I want to share.

In my last post I talked about how I wanted to be able to work on QueryC++ at least once a week. I have actually almost been able to keep on top of this. With one exception, which was rectified by working two days in a row the week after. The progress I make even during short sessions are good and I think it was the “spring cleaning” the project needed. I am getting this changes reviewed by a third-party and they seem to approve.

The only thing we are currently in disagreement about is my usage of && and || for and and or operations specifically. We are currently arguing what the best solution is for this. I will open up a discussion issue some time during February to get a broad perspective on this.

You will also find that the tests and build CI pipelines are now running as indented, which I am very pleased about. This now means that as long as I write tests, I will catch if I break something. A thing I am really happy about.

Next, concepts are a feature of C++20 I have eyed with some desire for quite a while and finally found a great application for it. You can find this in the column.hpp header. I am really exited about how well this integrates with the code and makes my life a lot easier. I implemented and tested it today and I am very happy with result.

Finally, documentation using mdbook. Although I have not had time to write so much documentation yet, it will be a priority during February, I have setup the mdbook part of the repo. I hope this will provide a super easy to use documentation for QueryC++ and I hope we can find a great way to keep it up to date.

I you want to follow along with the development you can check the QueryC++ 4.0 branch here.