This post covers two things, the migration of QueryC++ from GitLab to, and transferring code ownership to Obsidian Wolf Labs. Below I will explain why I have made these choices and I will start with the migration.

Originally, QueryC++ was hosted on GitHub and the code from back then is still available there, if you are interested here is the link. I moved to GitLab because I add the time (and still have) had some problems with how Microsoft was changing GitHub, I disagreed with the changes on a philosophical level. This has not really changed and I am not to happy about Microsoft Copilot either (a thing I will not link). So I moved to GitLab and I have been really happy with it and I have no plan to fully abandon the platform, I have not fully abandoned GitHub either. So why am I moving QueryC++? Well quite frankly I like the philosophy of Codeberg and I think it is the right home for an open source library like QueryC++ to live and thrive. I like the ideas behind Codeberg and that it is host in Europe. The code is now available here: codeberg/queryc++.

However! For QueryC++ I will try something new. I will keep the remote host for GitLab active (if I can figure out how) and then push the code to both repositories as a backup. But all issues and stuff will be moved to Codeberg.

Next, transferring ownership to Obsidian Wolf Labs. Who are they? Well they areā€¦ me! I am the owner and sole engineer at Obsidian Wolf Labs, so why the transfer? Well it feels right to give do this and that is about it. The code will remain under BSD license and it is unlikely to ever change. I just felt like it was time to take this particular plunge.

So that is it. I hope you will keep following the development of QueryC++.