First let me explain why I am making this post. I have seen a lot of posts on LinkedIn, Mastodon, Twitter/X, Reddit, and other social medias over the years where new developers/engineers (I will use developers from her) ask what programming language(s) other people use. The purpose of these post is to get a grasp of what languages they should learn or can expect to be asked to learn in the industry. Additionally, there is a certain amount of hope from new developers that they will only have to learn one language (I find this sad). So therefore in this post I will talk about what programming languages I use on a (semi) daily basis and will touch a little bit on why.

First up C#. So the company I work for is mainly a Windows shop and most of the products we offer are written in C#. Additionally the consultancy work we do is often in C# as well, requested by customers. There is no technological reason for C# other than at one point it was (still is) significantly better than Java and therefore won.

Next Python, some of the customers I work do a lot of data analysis and here Python is king. Python can, due to magic libraris such as SciPy, Numpy, and Matplot lib quickly create a good foundation for advance data analysis and handling. Additionally, for the above reason a lot of people provide libraries to interact with god forsaken file formates which previously required propritary software.

Then there is Go. This was simply a requirement from a customer. They need continued development on an internal project which was written in Go. So I continued it in Go. A note here, I have a couple of times now developed in Go professionally. I really like the language, but I would really love something simlar to Crates from Rust or Gems Ruby rather than what there is now for package management.

Those are the languages I currently develop in for my employeer. Then there is my leisure time languages. Which includes Go and Python. So I do leetcode, to keep my skills up to date with data structures and problem solving in areas I may not get tickled during my workday. This I do in C, C++, Go, Python, and Ruby. So why do I do it in these languages. Well first of all I would like to be better a Go, Ruby, and Python (even though I do not like the latter). C and C++ I use to keep my skills here up to date, I really like both languages and I think they get a lot of bashing for bashings sake. Then private projects. Here I mainly use C++ and Ruby. For each language I have my reasons. C++ is by now the language I know this best and is most familiar with and therefore I use it as much as I can. Additionally I find that its one of the languages I see moving in a direction I like. Basically every new C++ standard release I think, wow the language just got better… unlike for instance C# (I hate experssion bodies and all that they stand for). The Ruby. Ah my true love. Ruby is to me everything Python should have been. It is not indentation based, (for me) it is way easier to read than Python, it is elegant, and I find that code flows so effortlessly in Ruby compared to a lot of other languages. I quite frankly do not under how it has not gotten more popular or rather retained its popularity. And just to clarify no I do not mean Ruby on Rails, just the base language Ruby… Although Rails is nice to.

So basically these are the languages which I use on a semi daliy basis, with a little bit of reason as to why. I hope you found it interesting.