Autumn has come to north and it has hit the realm of Denmark with rain, cold winds, and despair. The Danes are retreating into their homes like Hobbits waiting for spring for them to be released up on the world again!

For some reason this seems to be the view of many a person outside of the Nordic countries. They seem to expect us to stay inside for most of autumn and winter. But let us be honest what a sad life that would be. In this post I will talk some of the things what I do outdoor in autumn.

In general, it is true that we try to make our homes even more couchy for winter and autumn, we turn on candles, make tea or coffee, more often settle down with a book inside than out. But autumn for me also means a lot of walks in the forests, experiencing the colours gradually switch from dark or bright green, to a tapestry of green, brown, yellow, and red. Observing how the forests grows quiet as the activity of the animals lessen. It is quite amazing and a gift to be able to observe this transformation

However, it is not just the woods of deciduous trees that change, the ever greens does to. The woods becomes more damp, the rain reinvigorate the moss and life somehow comes back into the green landscape. You can truly believe that in these forests and woods of ours their be magic. Sitting down and imagining the elves of old (read before Tolkien) or the goddess Freya walking through these lands is eyes and a thing I do. But I do not limit myself to just go for walks in nature, I enjoy going for over night shelter trips in the autumn and winter, or okay I do it gladly all year around. I usually do this with a group of friends. We meet up on a Friday and stay in the shelter until Sunday. If it is mushroom season we will forage for that or if we are near a lake safe for bathing, we will take a dip.

Finally, FIRE!!!! be it at a camp site or in a garden, making a fire sitting with blankets or warm clothes drinking a good scotch or cup of coffee roasting sausages or marshmallows is really nice and a thing I try to do as much as possible. Although currently living in an apartment kind of puts a lit on this.

So that is some of the things I do outdoors during autumn.