In the Fedora community, there have been some confusions since this was seen by different users Slack drops Fedora support March 2022. However, this is a truth with modifications and sometimes the Fedora. The support is actually only being dropped for native RPM package for Fedora (and RedHat). Slack will still be available to be used through the browser just as it always has been.

What is all the fuss about then? There is still support right? Indeed, but some reason people prefer the desktop applications. This means that people have been in a slight panic, about what happens next. Well the answer is pretty easy… Use the Slack Flatpak instead. There is no reason to panic just use Flatpak.

Additionally, more and more distros, including Fedora, seems to be moving away from native packages, to systems such as Flatpak and Snap. SO moving to these tools is simply a good idea. But why the are moving to these at all? The reason is to ease the lives of maintainers. Currently making a (“proper”) release for every distribution is really time consuming, to you a deb package, RPM, what ever ArchLinux uses, and so on. With Flatpack or alternative, you need one release and it will (is supposed) to work across all distributions,

So that Slack drops the native RPM package doesn’t matter, they still support Flatpack and at the moment that is actually more important than a native package.

This is my take on it at least.