In June of last year, I watched a video by Real Men Real Style Recommending journals. Now, throughout primary school, every Friday, I was forced to write in a diary about what I experienced throughout the week, and I was not too fond of it, in particular, because the teachers read it. This experience put me off journaling for good, or so I thought. I have tried to pick it up over the last decade but simply could not. But Antonio (founder of Real Men Real Style) touched on something exciting and intriguing. At the beginning of his journal days, he did not write an entire journal entry, but he wrote down three things he was thankful for and three to improve, giving him an easy way to reflect on his “life status”.

I found this very interesting for multiple reasons. First of all, I always write down things I need to learn or improve, but I always need to remember where I write them, and I need to improve at realising how great my life is and focusing on the problems instead. Therefore, I decided to give it a go, and here is what I learned.

First, I should do this on something other than a computer. So why am I saying this first? Well, it is important. First, when I want to write it down, I want it in one place, but I want to avoid having it in the cloud or on my work computer. But, it was only sometimes organised when I had time to write it down, so I was not always at my home computer when I wanted to write. I could use my phone, but I do not like them for notes, and I need help finding a good App for this sort of stuff (journal apps up your game). So I decided to purchase a notebook and throw it in my bag. Also, when I use my laptop or phone, I get distracted by many other things, which is not desirable for me.

Then I found out I suck at doing it consistently. There is sometimes a whole month between entries in my “journal”, which is not good. But I do get it done from time to time. Also, I took the notebook out of the bag, a rookie mistake. I also learned how horrible I am at reflecting on positive things. Sometimes it can take me up to 15 minutes to find three things to be positive about, which is weird. But, on the other hand, my life is full of lots of good stuff. On the other hand, stuff to improve, more than three things are needed. But although I need to remember to do it often, something weird has happened. Some days even without wanting to, I add notes of good things that happened or note down a joyous occasion. It is pretty cool.

But is it worth anything? Yes, it is worth a lot. Sometimes I find myself leafing through the notebook and noting things I have improved. I smile at the things I was/am thankful for and the happy memories. I also use the notebook as a track record of what I want to work on and what direction to go. This little notebook helps me be more positive and goal-oriented, which I like.

Finally, I will add the notebook to my bag again and force myself to write in it every morning because it is an excellent habit to have. I may become a journaler one day.