On this page you will find a list of academic publications I have contributed to.

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Ph.D Dissertation: Scalable Storage for Massive Volume Data Systems

Due to the massive increase in data generation and therefore the need of storage and transportation, we must research and develop technologies for reducing the amount of data we store and transport, without data loss. In my dissertation I cover explore the feasibility of utilising an (at the time) emerging technology known as Generalised Deduplication in data transport protocols, local file systems, and distributed storage systems.

If you want to read my dissertation please contact me and I will send you a PDF.

Master Thesis: A platform independent approach to multi- threaded encoding with Random Linear Network Coding

I explored the potential of utilising multi-threading to decrease the time to encode when using Random Linear network coding. I proposed three schemes and showed that cache size is a great limitation for achieving lower encoding speed

If you want to read my master thesis a PDF can be obtained at Aalborg Universites Projekts site

Conference Papers