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I provide letters of recommendation on request AFTER I verify your intent and your association with a given compnay or institution.

My CV is currently a work in progress as I have forgotten to update it for a while.

Full Stack Software Engineer

May/2022 - Present

At CIM A/S I have mainly worked developing products for data collection in IoT systems, via multiple protocols. For CIM I have helped continued the development of a unified edge data collection platform which serves as an off the shelve solution for data collection and aggregation. Additionally for CIMs customers, acting as a consultant, I have helped develop high velocity data collection systems.

Technologies: C# Python Go Kotlin Blazor JavaScript TypeScript BASH NMEA Modbus Docker Podman Linux Make Systemd Services

External Consultant

Sep/2021 - Mar/2023

I helped evolving their system software architecture towards something that is long-term sustaible in cloud environments. My tasks included but was not limited to; Avoiding cloud vendor lockin, rasing concerns about current at furture workloads, and identifying technologies suitable for Atla’s products. In extension to the architecture design I helped start the implementation for some of the scaffolding around Atla’s products, as an example user login and user restrictions.

NOTE: This position was mainly on as Atla needs it basis with the exception of April 2022 where the position was full time.

Technologies: Python Django AWS PostgreSQL Software Architecture

Ph.D Fellow and PostDoc

Aug/2018 - Apr/2022

The research of my Ph.D focused on investigating the potential of generalized Deduplication an (at the time) new and emerging technology for data deduplication in real world systems. This let to the worlds first object storage, fused based file system, distributed object storage, and data transmission protocol based on generalized deduplication. Through my Ph.D I showed that the new technology is viable for usage on large volume data sets and can in some cases with benefit replace classic deduplication and exiting data compression methods.

After my Ph.D I continued as a PostDoc finalising some of the work I was unable to finish during my PhD.

Technologies: C C++ Python Distributed Storage File systems Data Deduplication Compression Protocols

Student Software Engineer, Software Engineer and Assistant Team Lead (Part Time)

June/2017 - June/2019

At Chocolate Cloud I was part of the team that designed and implemented SkyFlok, a next generation cloud storage system. My main responsibility was the design and implementation of a feature which allowed users to safely and securely shared data with external users. Although I had one designated focus I helped with the development and design process all around when needed, in particular in the up start phase.

In addition to my software engineering duties I also to on the responsibility as Team leader for the team in Aalborg, Denmark. As part of this position I helped the CTO with defining protocols for team communication, work, and software development. I started the process of writing protocols for on boarding new employees.

Technologies: Python Google Cloud Engine Google CloudSQL Distributed Data Storage Reliability Secure Data Sharing

Student Software Developer

June/2014 - June/2017

During my time with Steinwurf my jobs focused on providing language bindings from the companies main software library product to other languages and extend the capabilities of Steinwurf’s internal libraries and create new libraries where need. Additionally, I helped created tools for surveying the status of clients connected to WiFi network.

Technologies: Python Go C C++ Java Python Swift Linux Network Coding JNI