Non-Research Related Contact

To contact me you can send me an email at lars (at) embras (dot) dk or if you prefer secure email an have a Tutanota account I am available at lars (dash) nielsen (at) tutanota (dot) com. If you do send me an email, please provide an informative email subject.

Research Contact

For enquries about my research and/or collaboration with Aarhus University please contact me via lani (at) eng (dot) au (dot) dk, please provide an informative email subject. If you want to file a bug report or feature request for Harpocrates, Aloha, Hekate, or Hermes please sue the relevant issue track on GitHub.

If you are looking for a research postion at the Network Computation, Communication, and Storage group at Aarhus University Department of Engineering, I am not the correct person to contact. Instead contact Associate Professor Daniel E. Lucani or Associate Professor Qi Zhang.